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6 Quick and Easy Ways to Liven Up Content Using Video

In our age of progressive technology, video is one of the most effective ways of conveying information, attracting customers. Today we simply cannot imagine life without video. Take at least news, films, TV shows that each of us watches, or commercials that flash between the broadcasts or while watching the premiere. Thus, the video has firmly entered our life.

Tips for Developing Bright Video Content

Check the tips for creating good video content below:

  • Tell the Story: Creating a video based on your content, you will manage to catch the attention of your target audience. Think of such a story that people would like to share with friends.
  • Add Humor: Humor never goes out of fashion. Every day in the media people face endless tragedies, they need a break. They want to see smiles and hear laughter. For example, the Coca-Cola Smiles campaign became viral and collected millions of views almost immediately after the launch. It made people smile, and this is what they need.
  • Use the Animation on the White Board: Animation on a white board is gaining popularity and is great for presenting a product or service. It gives an opportunity to follow the story of the representative of the company, as if he/she was standing right in front of you. Use the services of an expert topexplainers.com/whiteboard-video in animation and watch how sales will begin to grow rapidly.
  • Turn on the video in the blog: People love blogs because they represent the corporate life of the office in a less formal way. And when managers run their own blogs, this causes genuine interest among the public. They allow representatives of the company to establish personal connections with the target audience, share the latest news, and give them the opportunity to express their opinion. By adding a video to your blog, you can still significantly increase engagement rates, as well as improve your position in organic search results.
  • Use Video to Inform about New Products: You can warm up the interest of the audience to launch a new product using video. Use the animation to clearly explain the new features, or send customers emails with video. According to the research, such reports allow to increase the number of clicks by 200-300%.
  • Reference to the New Video in the Social Networks: Many social networks offer the possibility of adding video to the video, which significantly increases the engagement and conversion rates. Also, to increase the number of views and reposts, you can post links to new videos on social networks.

All these approaches are simple enough to realize, although some of them require preliminary preparation. The best thing you can do right now is to analyze what you already have and think about how to use the power of the video to further promote the brand.