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Jack's Bouncy Qubes
Featured Game - Jack's Bouncy Qubes - Iik Games
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About Us

Iik Games is an independent game development studio and online distributor of games located in Tampico, Mexico. Our mission is simple: Bring you only the best and original games.

We feel that the market is flooded with "clones" and  "me-too" games, stopping the players (like all of us!)  from enjoying creative and unique games; there, our goal, offer you games with bright and beautiful graphics, amazing soundtrack, responsive controls, solid gameplay and above all fun to play!

In Iik Games we appreciate your support so we do all our best to serve you with a friendly service and prompt support. When you purchase a game from Iik Games you are entitled to free technical support and free upgrades (if any) to the latest version. Also, buying our games is 100% safe and risk free, since you'll receive our unconditional 48-hours money-back guarantee.

Last but not least, about our particular name, Iik, is an ancient Mayan word "iik", sounds like "eeck" and it means Chili (capsicum annuum). A very representative Mexican spice.

Sincerely we hope you have fun and enjoy playing our games as much as we have doing them!