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Jack's Bouncy Qubes
Featured Game - Jack's Bouncy Qubes - Iik Games
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Download Size 6.7 MB
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Prepare yourself for the most frenzied and explosive 3D puzzle experience! Jack's Bouncy Qubes is a unique and highly addictive 3D puzzle game that everybody can play, but no one would like to leave.

Control our lovely hero Jack. Mess around the board jumping over the qubes, change its color and link them in like combinations, once they connect, the qubes are detonated and will explode! Don't get to close as the explosion will knock you into next week.

The object is to clear each level, but be careful, the action gets harder and harder as you go along!



  • Unique and addictive fast-paced gameplay. Enjoy a truly puzzle-arcade experience right at your home!
  • More than 100 levels and 50 Mind-Bender hand-crafted puzzle levels to keep you bouncing for long time!
  • Extra lives and bonus levels!
  • 2 difficulty settings and 4 different game modes: Arcade, Free, Survival and Puzzle. No matter your mood Jack's Bouncy Qubes has a mode for you!
  • Collect bonus items: coins, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and more. The better your play, the better your rewards!
  • Full-Screen and High Resolution modes up to 1024x768.
  • Stunning 3D accelerated graphics and special effects. Squeeze the full potential of your PC with 3D graphics and fancy special effects.
  • Save your high scores for posterity. Prove that you're the best puzzle solver in the world!
  • Saves your progress automatically. With Jack's Bouncy Qubes, your only worry is to have fun!
  • Control Jack with your mouse or keyboard. Play it the way you wish, and many more!
Jack's Bouncy Qubes - Main Menu
Jack's Bouncy Qubes - Arcade Mode
Jack's Bouncy Qubes - Free Mode
Jack's Bouncy Qubes - Puzzle Mode
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Still not convinced? Take a look at what other players are saying about Jack's Bouncy Qubes:

"It’s a very addictive game, right from the beginning, and its charm will rub off, urging you on to play just one more level" - Avidgamer.co.uk

"Those who grew up with the iconic '80s arcade character, Q*Bert, can relive those memories with Jack's Bouncy Qubes" - Gamezebo.com

"Jack’s Bouncy Qubes takes a couple of gameplay ideas and successfully combines them into a successful and innovative game." - jaguarusf.blogspot.com

"One of the most addictive, solid games I've played in a long while. Very well job done, I loved it!"
- Marco

"Super funny!, highly recommended!" - Karla

System Requirements

OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Vista
Processor: 350MHz or faster
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Video: Card: 8 MB 3D video card (TNT, i810, Rage 128 or superior)
OpenGL: 1.1 or Higher required
DirectX: 3.0 or Higher
Internet: Internet connection is required to download and register the game